Positive Feedback at Stockland Green

You will be aware that every parents evening we take the opportunity to collect your views about our school. The data reflects the views of all the parents who completed the questionnaires during the Autumn Term 2014. These are from the parents of students in Years 7, 9 & 11.

Achievement and Progress

91% of all parents who responded said their child was making enough progress and 92% felt that as a school we kept you well informed of your child’s progress throughout the year. You will be aware that we have changed the way we report your child’s progress this year and parents were involved in the initial consultation about these new style reports. We have received further feedback from parents following the issuing of the Year 7 reports and have amended the format in response to suggestions.

Teaching & Learning

94% parents said that the teaching at the school is good. Ofsted agree saying that during their visit in December 2014 they saw ‘Some very good examples of clear feedback to students which ensured each of them could move on to the next area of learning, knowing exactly what they needed to do to improve their work. In addition they commented on maths lessons ‘where high levels of challenge were matched to the high ability of many of the students.’ (Ofsted 2014)

94% of parents have said that the school helped them to support their child’s learning. Many of you will be aware of the facilities that are available before during and after school to support students. This begins with our free breakfast for all students from 8.00 every morning. The school library is open before school, break, lunch and after school and the homework club is offered four evenings a week to ensure that students can access staff support, books, IT equipment or just have a place to study.

Behaviour & Safety

90% of parents said that the school keeps their child safe. This matches the students view as they told Ofsted that….. ‘they feel safe and well cared for in school’ (Ofsted 2013)

94% also said that their child enjoys school. One parent noted that their child ‘ is supported, encouraged and provided with constructive criticism and then responds well to praise’

89% of parents who completed Parent View felt that the school made sure our pupils were well behaved. While this is a significantly positive percentage of parents we are sure that you would agree this is not high enough and we will be working hard to ensure that this figure improves.

The Behaviour Policy is designed to ensure that students’ learning is not interrupted by poor behaviour and we would like to thank you for your continued support in ensuring that your child understands the raised expectations of students’ behaviour for learning. These expectations are in all student planners and displayed in classrooms. This includes a raised expectation of student behaviour in and around the building to ensure that the school environment is an enjoyable place to be for all members of our community. At our recent monitoring visit in December 2014 the inspectors noted that ‘the behaviour policy is being consistently applied, even according to some students on the receiving end of sanctions. These students say that the academy is better and they enjoy learning now. We look forward to a further improvement in this area.’(Ofsted 14)

Leadership & Management.

91% parents felt that the school was well led and managed and that the school took account of their suggestions and concerns. 91% of parents also felt that they were happy with their child’s overall experience at our school. One parent said…..’My child has only been at this school 6 months. I have been made to feel a part of his schooling with constant contact from school. Very impressed’

94% of parents who completed Parent View would recommend our school to other parents. This in itself is pleasing but as yet only represents a small number of parent’s views for this academic year.

These questionnaires and the Parent View data allows us to continually keep in touch with how you as parents feel about the school. Please do not think that you have to wait until your child’s parents evening to complete a survey or share your view.

The link to Parent View is on our website and you can go on this at anytime and give your opinion on a range of issues.



Attendance rates at Stockland Green just get  better and better! We were delighted that our recent Ofsted monitoring visit in December acknowledged that “attendance has improved considerably and is now above national averages”. It’s fantastic that our students are exceeding national expectations.

In our end of term assemblies just before Christmas, we rewarded scores of students with 100% attendance rates; again, so many of our youngsters are displaying excellent attitudes and enthusiasm and are determined to be in school every day.

However, the school found it necessary to take 4 families to court last summer using the Spotlight process. All four sets of parents were fined, with overall fines ranging between £600 - £900. It is with great reluctance that Stockland Green uses such extreme measures but as a school, we are determined that our students attend regularly, so that they can achieve their full potential. It’s no surprise that our top 6 GCSE performers last year had one thing in common: attendance of over 96%.

We look forward to your continued  support and offer our thanks for your  efforts in ensuring your children attend and achieve.

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